Friday, May 29, 2009

Easter at GranJan & Pepa's

On Easter Sunday after church, we went to GranJan & Pepa's for breakfast and to have Easter with them. Because of the rain, the kids did not get to hunt eggs. But that is okay.

The boys played and had a good time. They enjoyed opening the gifts from GranJan & Pepa.

Luke got a Fire Engine Truck. It makes all the real siren sounds and a lot of racket.

Cooper got a Bucket Truck just like Pepa's real bucket truck. It also makes a lot of noise. That seems to be what boys love......NOISE!!!!

Easter 2009

Doesn't this look like a happy bunch. Needless to say I did not get a Easter family picture after church or any other time that day.
I was a little upset but really what could I do about it. Kids will be kids, right?!?

No matter what they still look adorable!!

Aunt Jodi & Cooper - April 11th

Cooper & Aunt Jodi with a baby chick at Tractor Supply.

Baby Chicks at Tractor Supply

Around Easter time at Tractor Supply they have baby chicks and ducks. So we took the kids to see them. The boys were so sweet! Here Cooper is giving one a kiss as Aunt Jodi holds it.
Daddy is helping Luke hold a baby chick. Luke would get so excited and start to squeeze the chick.

Pappy said he would buy the boys some chicks to take home but he would place bets that they would not last long at our house. I would like to think of it as the boys would love them to much!!

It was fun to see the boys play with them and hold them. Luke was just start squealing with excitement.

How sweet!!!!

Easter 2009 at Gigi & Pappy's

This year we had Easter with Mom & Dad at their Lake House on the Graham Lake. It was a lot of fun, despite the rain. Cooper & Luke loaded up on gifts and tons of eggs including prize eggs with money. As you can tell by the photos, us "BIG KIDS" have our own hunt too!! This year it only consisted of me, Kenley and Jodi. Jodi cheated. Cooper & Luke followed her around and showed her where they hid the eggs. Kenley was in an all out sprint to find the prize egg. And me... well I tried to run, but ended up holding my big pregnant belly most of the time. Jodi just thought that was soooo funny!! Needless to say.. Jodi won the $100 prize egg, Kenley won the $50 prize egg, and I won the $20 prize egg and lots of candy. We all had lots of fun and made lots of memories!!!

3 School Easter Egg Hunt - April 9th

This was the 3 School Easter Egg Hunt provided by the Olney Nursing Home. I had preached to Cooper that morning to be nice. Well alot of good that did!! He got a little aggressive. Him and a little girl in his class were after the same egg and of course Cooper punched it into high gear to get there. I promise it looked like he was sliding into home plate. They crashed into one another and their eggs went flying. Like a little gentleman, he let her have the egg (after Mommy told him to)!! Despite the crash, EVERYONE had a BLAST!!! After the hunt, we all went to the park to have their Easter party.

Easter Egg Hunt at Megargel Park - April 4th

This was the Easter Egg Hunt at the Megargel Park. Cooper & Luke had lots of fun and even hit the jackpot with a few prize eggs!! It was definately a good time for everyone.

Cooper riding his bike - April 3rd

Cooper finally got the hang of riding his bike and that is all he wants to do now.
The bike is a John Deere bike. He also has the matching John Deere helmet and elbow & knee pads, which he loves wearing. That surprises me, but I'm glad!

On the way home after the Monster Jam - March 21st

On the way home from the Monster Jam, Cooper decided to try out his photography skills. I have to say, not to bad for a 3 yr. old. My FAV is the one of spider man on the window (his Happy Meal toy)!!
Here is a shot of Pappy!

And here is Daddy, who is driving. Why are you not watching the road??!!??

Monster Jam - March 21st

For Valentine's Day- Cooper, Kenley and Pappy got tickets for the Monster Jam in Wichita Falls.
I am not sure who loved it more!!! It has turned out to be an annual event for them. Next year they will have to make room for Luke!

Cooper's FAVORITE monster truck is GRAVE DIGGER. He can tell you all about each and everyone!

These are precious times.....memories being made to last a life time!!!!