Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rangers Game Weekend Trip

Mom & Dad took Cooper to a Rangers game & mini weekend trip on July 19 & 20. This was Cooper's 1st baseball game. Mom said he was super & really enjoyed it. He got tired towards the end & kept asking is it over yet, but was a real trooper according to Mom.
Thanks Gigi & Pappy for some amazing memories!
This is at the hotel before the game. He is on the phone with Kenley & I. He could see Six Flaggs from the window & was watching a roller coaster. Cooper told his Daddy that he wanted to ride it! Can't believe he has turned into such a little dare devil!

Dad said Cooper loved this revolving door!

Cooper & Gigi waiting on the trolly to take them to the game.

Cooper posing.

Pappy & Cooper getting on the trolly.

Rangers Game Weekend Trip - CONTIN.

Pappy & Cooper
Cooper had to hold the tickets Mom said.
Gigi & Cooper
What a sweet boy!

He makes me laugh!!!

Still Laughing!!!

I just love this little man to pieces!!!

Rangers Game Weekend Trip - CONTIN.

At the Ranger game.....Cooper being his SILLY self!
Making Pappy laugh

Watch his eyes.

You can't help but laugh at him.

Cooper & Gigi at the game.

Rangers Game Weekend Trip - CONTIN.

Cooper loading onto the elevator.
Mom & Dad said he loved riding the elevator & pushing the buttons. But he didn't want anyone else on there with them. They said he stared down a few people.

Dad & Cooper posing infront of Dave & Buster's. They played here before heading home on Monday. Mom said Cooper didn't know which way to go once they got in there. Chuck e Cheese's will never compare now!

Boys will be Boys

Since we have "lived" at the lake this summer, Luke has taken on potty training himself. It is near impossible to keep clothes & a diaper on him anymore. Problem being he only wants to go outside. Not interested in using the potty. I captured this priceless photo.... Two Bare Hineys
I guess I need to really thank Cooper once Luke is potty trained because it is ALL monkey see monkey do with Cooper & Luke. It's way to funny & cute!

Making Smores

Cooper had never made smores before, so I decided it was about time we did. Gigi helped him roast his marshmellows. He thought that was pretty cool. After the marshmellows were roasted, we put together the graham crackers & chocolate with the marshmellows. They were yummy!!!
Cooper & Lexi decided they would rather eat just the chocolate bars, so us BIG KIDS forced our selves to eat the smores!

July 2009

Pappy & Marlee
Luke putting on Pappy's boots - determined to go outside.

Big John buried Luke in the sand. Luke was so funny, he just laid there so still.

Gigi & Marlee

Cooper decided he wanted to be buried too!

Welcome Baby Jaylee

Welcome my new little niece, Jaylee Marie!
My sister-in-law, Danielle, had her baby July 12, 2009 at 4:33 am.
Jaylee weighed 5.8 pounds & 18 1/4 inches long.
We are so happy for them & just love her to pieces already!

July 2009

Pappy, Cooper, Luke & myself feeding the ducks.
The boys get so excited watching the ducks race after the bread!
Luke & Pappy playing around.
Luke looks so adorable here!

Luke is just full of laughter & smiles & giggles ALL the time!

4th of July weekend

Luke determined to wake Pappy from his nap.
Marlee, full of smiles!!!

Luke LOVES the water!
Everyone enjoying the new pool!
Thanks Pappy & Gigi

My precious Luke

Jodi & Michael relaxing in the hammock

4th of July weekend - CONTIN.

Cooper enjoying the new pool
Luke, our little comedian

Kenley & Marlee catching a little nap

Daddy's Little Sparkler

Our Lil' Miss 4th of July

4th of July weekend - CONTIN.

Mom made this 4th of July cake, it was delicious!!
We hadn't taken a picture of it yet, when Kenley got a piece of it. Of course we gave him a hard time about it, so he put the piece back; as you can tell from the bottom corner. We laughed about it and still are. Anytime there is a dessert made now, Kenley takes a random picture of it. He thinks he is so funny!
Kenley finally getting to eat his piece of cake!

Enjoying all the company!!

Cooper & Luke LOVED doing the giant sparklers!

Luke suprised me, and Cooper did too! Couldn't believe that they wanted to hold them and kept asking for more! Next year Kenley & Dad will have to buy lots more of them.

4th of July weekend - CONTIN.

My lil' "Elton John" aka Kenley with all the fireworks they bought
What's up!!!
Jodi looking like she's having a great time!

Cooper ready for the show!

Cooper enjoying the fireworks. This is the first time he has watched the fireworks up close with out crying and wanting to leave!! So proud of him!

Jodi reassuring Luke it was okay.
He was a little scared by the big fireworks.