Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marlee Beth Lane's Baptism

Marlee was baptised Sunday, May 10, 2009 at Saint Mary's of the Assumption Catholic Church in Megargel, Texas. It was extra special for me because not only was it my daughter's baptism but also it was Mother's Day. I could not have asked for anything more that day!

God Must Be Laughing pictures with this post, but too funny not to tell!
Saturday, May 9th, Mom & Jodi left to run errands and get ready for Mother's Day and Marlee's baptism which was the next day. I had decided I was fine and Mom didn't necessarily need to stay with us any longer. She questioned me, but I reassured her several times. Late that afternoon, me and the kids were just hanging out in the house. Kenley had been mowing the yard, and was about to weed eat. Marlee was starting to wake up and wanting to eat, just about the same time Cooper decides he needs to use the bathroom, and poor little Luke was still not feeling real good from having pneumonia, so he was very fussy and cranky. Cooper proceeds to get on the potty by himself and I sit down to feed Marlee and try to keep Luke calmed down. Cooper soon hollers from the bathroom "Mamma, Come wipe my hiney!". I tell him he will have to wait till I am done with the baby, and he patiently says okay. A few moments later, he hollers and says he wiped his hiney by himself. This is a first, so I just up from feeding Marlee and go to see what kind of mess he made. To my surprise he did quite good. As I turn my back, I tell him to flush it and wash his hands. Luke is right under my feet, I stumble over him, Marlee starts to cry and then.....and then I hear water pouring.....out of the potty. I turned the water off, but it didn't help! I sprint to the backyard, however Kenley is weed eating on the backside of the fence. I am screaming at the top of my lungs holding a crying baby. (He admitted later he thought he heard something but just kept on.) I run back in the house and run to the front where he is coming up to. After a few moments, I get his attention. By my actions, he probably thought the world was coming to an end! We run back into the house, baby stopped crying by now, Luke still crying and Cooper scared to death he is in trouble. By this time water was standing in the bathroom, running under the wall to Marlee's room and out into the hall soaking into the carpet. Nice, huh! I laid Marlee down and me and Cooper and Kenley start soaking up the water with dirty towels. If that wasn't bad enough, the phone starts ringing. My cousin Sunday got a good laugh when I told her what was going on. We finally got everything cleaned up and dried. It turned out Cooper used way too much toilet paper and I just didn't check. Now he reassures me he did not use to much. It was not to funny at the time, but later I sat down and really had a good laugh. I called my Mom to give her a good chuckle. I told her God was testing me to see what I could really handle. He had to have gotten a good laugh out of that test! We all survived so I guess I passed.

Pretty Little Lady

This was May 8th, 1 week old. Mom, Jodi & I decided to go to Graham and get pedicures for Mother's Day. Luke tagged along. It was nice to get out of the house. Miss Priss got all dressed up in this adorable little dress Aunt Jodi got her. We laughed because the only place Marlee even got out at was the Chicken Express. Anyhow, She looked precious!!!

Happy Birthday Kenley!!!

May 5th is Kenley's Birthday and he turned 32 this year.
Wow, we are getting old!!!This is a funny family picture. Cooper is saying "CHEESE" but not looking, Luke is smiling so cute with chocolate and cheez-its all over his mouth and face, Marlee has a bow on that is bigger than her little head; and Kenley & I are just smiling and enjoying every second of it!!
Kenley & Cooper getting ready for cake.
Cooper looks like a Kenley-mini-me!


Luke, Kenley & Cooper all are blowing out the candles.
How precious!
Kenley got a little shorted on his birthday. I usually have him a big BBQ with family and friends, but since we had a 4 day old newborn, that wasn't happening. Kenley said he had gotten the best gift of all, Marlee, born 4 days before his. That is just so sweet.

May 2009

Pappy & Marlee
Not the best picture of Dad.
Marlee & Big John
She was not happy!

May 2009

Marlee & Nannie (my Grandmother)
Nannie is so proud of her family!!!
Cooper's 1st time to hold little Marlee.
He was so excited!

Cooper giving Marlee some sweet kisses!
Just melted Mommy's heart!

Isn't this a fantastic family photo!
This seems to be our crazy normal - No one cooperating!

Luke & his Pappy
They are best buds!!!!
We just love you Pappy!

Welcome Home Marlee!!

My sister, Jodi, along with Cooper, Luke & Michael (her boyfriend) decorated our home for Marlee's Homecoming!!!
They painted a sign & put it over the dining room window (far left) and there is a "It's A Girl" sign in the middle flower bed by the front steps. Also they used Cooper's sidewalk chalk and decorated the driveway! Too Cute!!!!

Cooper had to add his touch. This is a outline picture of TEDDY, so I was told!
What a cute little imagination!!!

Baby Doll Kisses

Monkey See Monkey Do!!!
Luke was watching us with Baby Marlee and he thought he would baby the baby doll, which was my Mom's when she was a little girl. He was so the baby kisses.

May 2009

Luke has that "Got Caught" look.
He was helping Marlee swing a little BIGGER and changing the music option!
Aunt Jodi & Marlee.....Proud Aunt!!!!

Daddy & Luke getting a bite of breakfast! Yummy!!!!

Mommy & Marlee

Luke ..... don't throw balls in the house!!!!

Getting to go home!!! May 3rd

Finally, we are getting to go home. 2 1/2 days in the hospital feel like an eternity! Mommy & Marlee
Daddy & Marlee

Miss Marlee in her "Going Home" outfit, thanks to Gigi & Pappy!

Miss Marlee enjoying her first moments at home.

Tired from all the excitement!

Miss Piggy

This is the gift that Cooper & Luke gave Marlee. It is a plush, pink Pig.
Cooper has a teddy bear, "TEDDY", that he got for his 1st Christmas,
Luke has a dog, "DOG", that Cooper gave him when he was born,
and now Marlee has this pig, I'm thinking it might be called Miss Piggy. I know our names are real original, huh. The boys do NOT go any where without Teddy & Dog. I even went as far to buy a backup Teddy & Dog, and that was not so easy as Teddy had been discontinued. Thanks to ebay, I found one!
Anyway, I think Marlee will just love her pink Pig!!!!

At the hospital - May 2nd

Kenley & Cooper opening Marlee's gift from the boys, Cooper & Luke.
Luke trying to hide behind the chair.

Luke, Gigi & sweet!!

Proud Daddy & his Little Princess

Kenley, Danielle & Marlee
(Kenley & his sister look so much alike)

At the hospital - May 2nd

Aunt Danielle & Marlee
Cooper is helping me open all of Marlee's gifts. My room instantly turned pink!!! I think Mom & Aunt Jodi bought every think pink at Storkland and had a ball at Morath Originals buying bows for every outfit and occasion!!! We are so blessed with the most wonderful family! Thanks Mom and Jodi!

Gigi & Marlee! Proud Grandma - can you tell !?!

Aunt Dona & Marlee - Dona was on her way back to Kansas and stopped by the hospital to see us and bring Marlee some very cute outfits. Thanks Aunt Dona!

This is my nephew, Caden (Brandon & Jennifer's son). He wasn't sure what to think about his new little cousin. He was more interested in playing with Luke & Cooper's trucks. Too Cute!!!

At the hospital - May 2nd

This was Saturday, May 2nd, at the hospital. Marlee's not even 24 hrs. old yet! It was a busy, crazy day; having Cooper & Luke in that small cramped room and all our visitors.Uncle B, FerFer and Marlee. There was a family wedding that afternoon, so everyone was dressed up.
Here is Marlee with GranJan & Pepa (Kenley's parents). This is their first time to see & hold Marlee.
The day before (May 1st) when Marlee was born, Janice & Andy had to be in Terrell, TX for a funeral and did not make it back to this area till late that night. It's a long story....The previous weekend a family friend, who was just like family, was down visiting staying with Janice & Andy. She was still here earlier in the week and was scheduled to go home on Tuesday. (Janice had kept both of the boys Monday while I went to my doctor's appt.) Ann (who was visiting) had not been feeling good. Tuesday morning while still at Janice's seem to get worse and refused to go to the hospital. Sadly, she passed away that morning at Janice's. The funeral was Friday afternoon in Terrell.

GranJan & Marlee

Pepa & Marlee

Cooper & Luke..... We are trying to get them to show off their "Big Brother" and "Middle Brother" t-shirts. This was as good as it got!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More of Marlee's arrival !!!!

Me & Marlee! I am still in shock that I have a baby girl!!!
Aunt Jodi, Marlee and Me! Won't we make a great shopping team!

Aunt FerFer & Marlee ~ I think here Cooper is showing Marlee every single one of his trucks and telling her what they are (in a whisper). It was too cute!!

Aunt Jodi and Marlee ~ She is sure to be decked out in Texas Tech stuff thanks to her Aunt Jodi!

Gigi holding Marlee for the first time! It looks like Marlee is smiling at Gigi.