Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rangers Game Weekend Trip

Mom & Dad took Cooper to a Rangers game & mini weekend trip on July 19 & 20. This was Cooper's 1st baseball game. Mom said he was super & really enjoyed it. He got tired towards the end & kept asking is it over yet, but was a real trooper according to Mom.
Thanks Gigi & Pappy for some amazing memories!
This is at the hotel before the game. He is on the phone with Kenley & I. He could see Six Flaggs from the window & was watching a roller coaster. Cooper told his Daddy that he wanted to ride it! Can't believe he has turned into such a little dare devil!

Dad said Cooper loved this revolving door!

Cooper & Gigi waiting on the trolly to take them to the game.

Cooper posing.

Pappy & Cooper getting on the trolly.

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