Monday, February 23, 2009

Luke's 1st Night in "Big Boy" Bed

Well, I finally bit the bullet and did it!! Luke turned 18 months on Saturday and even though still a baby to me, I had to start getting him into his "Big Boy" bed. So last night was the night! Cooper and Luke will be sharing a room but each with their own bed. I had tested them a handful of times, but it always resulted in Cooper in Luke's bed and them having a pillow fight. But last night seem to be the right timing. Kenley and I put the boys to bed at their 8pm bedtime. Of course Cooper had to have his night lights on, but he was asleep in a matter of minutes. Luke on the other hand decided to sing to try to wake up Cooper. About 20 minutes into bedtime Luke got really quite and I thought "It worked". But suddenly there was a "THUD" and lots of crying.
Kenley and I just about plowed each other over in the hall trying to get to him. Evidently, he was trying a King Kong move and flipped over the side railing. I picked him up, checked him and loved him. He seemed okay, so we laid him back down. Kenley put the boys' two pillow chairs at the end of the railings on the bed to make somewhat of a make shift "cage". He did NOT fall out of his bed the rest of the night!!! However I was up several times checking on him.

Luke only woke up once during the night after all the chaos. Little Cooper didn't seem to be bothered by all the chaos during the night. However, Cooper did wake early as always - 6am this morning. So when I took him back to his bed, I noticed Luke was laying on top of the covers. So as any Mommy, I thought he needed to be moved back under the covers. Well I should say that did not work, from then on it was "Good Morning Lane boys"! They were wide awake and ready for chocolate milk and Dora the Explorer!!!! I got them settled in the living room by 6:30am and I crawled back in bed for a few more zzzzz's.

It may not have been "advice book" perfect, but I thought it was a big step and a huge success for us. We did not end up back in the baby bed!!! WooHoo!!!! Hopefully all will keep going great and we will be all set in the "Big Boy" bed. We are on count down to baby Lane (10 weeks and counting) so I am on a time crunch getting everything ready!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Elmo and Friends at Sesame Street Live in Wichita Falls

Cooper, Luke, Gigi and I went to see Sesame Street Live in Wichita Falls on Wednesday morning. I wasn't for sure how the boys would do because we had front row seats. To a nice surprise, the boys did great and the seats were really good too! The characters would come up to us at our seats and interact with the kids. Well, my kids didn't really interact, just held their breaths till the characters were gone! Luke is the only one that really teared up. Good news - NO melt downs!! Woohoo!!!! At intermission, of course we had to get souvenirs. Luke had to have a Elmo balloon. Thanks Gigi (at $6 a piece). Cooper decided he wanted a "twirly light up thingy". So I took him to buy one and decided we had better get Luke one also or the fight would be on. So of course Sesame Street took more of my money, but that was okay. Just watching my kids' faces throughout the whole show and giving them their souvenirs was well worth every penny. We all loved it!!!!

Baby Lane Update

I had another sonogram and dr. visit on Tuesday. All is well with baby, however baby is breech. Mommy is not to excited about that. Dr. H says "not to worry, this baby will turn". I hope she is right! This baby is actually measuring in the normal range right now. With both of the boys, they always measured in the 90th something percentile, so this is definately a change for us. And yes again, we are not finding out what we are having. Not to many good suprizes in life - so we want to be able to have those few we can get!!!

Pray for little Clay Fite

For those of you that have not heard - A 5 yr old little boy, Clay Fite, from Olney was badly burned on Valentine's Day in an explosion at their home. Clay's mom is Cooper's 3 school teacher. We have all been deeply affected by this accident. Clay is currently at Parkland Hospital's Burn unit in critical condition. There has been a blog site set up for him I am the head room mom for 3 school and have been helping out as much as they need me at school. I made this poster for the class to send to Clay and DeeDee! We are all praying for Clay and the Fite family!! Please keep him in your prayers! God is Great!!

Arbuckle Wilderness Trip

This is our Arbuckle Wilderness Trip in Ardmore, OK. Thanks Gigi and Pappy for taking us!!! We had a blast!!!

Cooper was really into it (feeding the animals out of the car) until the camels and ostrich started storming the car and trying to come in with us. Notice the picture where he is wedged in the 3rd seat. Luke on the other hand wanted upfront and at the window. Dad had it up close and personal with a camel. On the way home he started feeling bad and was sick the first part of this week. He swears that camel sneezed on him and gave him something. Really Dad??!!?? Needless to say - Great Memories!!!

Valentine's Day 2009

Valentine's Day this year was a lot of fun with the boys. The day before Cooper, Luke and I made Valentine cookies. We rolled out sugar cookie dough, used a heart shaped cookie cutter, baked them and the ones the boys didn't eat, we iced! It seemed every time I would take another batch out of the oven, there would be several missing from before. The two culprits were my two little angels, so I didn't mind.
Valentine's Day we gave the boys their goodies. By far their favorite was the "Monster Truck" movies. It kept them quiet for hours. After that we made chocolate dipped strawberries. They were delicious! Even made a batch for Dad to give to Mom for Valentine's.

Later in the day, Mom and Dad took me, Kenley, Cooper and Luke to stay the night in Ardmore, OK. The following day we were planning on going to Arbuckle Wilderness. This was a great Valentine's Day for my family!!!!

Cooper's Valentine Party at 3 School

Cooper is in Three School in Olney. His teacher is Mrs. DeeDee and he absolutely adores her. February 12 was their party at school. Cooper said he loved getting all the candy!!!

By the time school was over, all the kids were on a sugar high. I'm sure the parents really appreciated that, haha!!

January 2009 - Poker Night at the Lake - Backtracking

This was Poker Night at the Lake on the same weekend as the Fort Worth Stock Show. Everyone but me, the kids and Gigi were planning on going to the casinos this night, but we somehow convinced them it would be so much MORE fun to stay home with us and play games!!! Mom thought she needed a hat to hide her "Poker Face" like the pros. Not sure it really worked. We all had a really good time. Even Cooper and Luke got in on the action a little bit. Cooper would get heart broken when he would run out of chips to play with. He would give a good performance to Pappy and Daddy to get some of their chips. The night lasted to long for me so I gave my chips to Kenley (thinking he would win), but NO; Jodi took all of our money!!

January 2009 - Fort Worth Stock Show - Backtracking

Gigi and Pappy took the whole Palmer gang on our annual trip to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. We all had a blast!! This year it was Gigi, Pappy, Me (and baby), Kenley, Cooper, Luke, Jodi, Michael (Jodi's boyfriend), Big John and Cade McAnally.
The boys really enjoyed everything, but especially the animals. They had their pictures taken with the baby goats. Luke would just love on them and even when they nibbled on his fingers and pants, he didn't mind!!! This is a trip that I look forward to every year. Not only does it bring back memories for me as a child, but I know my kids will cherish these times always!!!!

January 2009 - Playing on the Ice - Backtracking

Kenley, Luke and Cooper are sledding on the icy road infront of our house, thanks to Big John and his 4wheeler. The kids, big and small, had a blast!!! Poor Luke had on so many layers he could not bend at the waist. Cooper's little checks and nose were rosy red but he did not care. We had to drag them in the house kicking and screaming because they wanted to stay outside and play!!!

January 2009 - In the Oilpatch with Pappy - Backtracking

Cooper and Luke absolutely love going to work with Pappy (my dad). This day they happen to be at one of Pappy's new oil well locations. The drilling rig and cementing truck were hard at work, and of course the boys had to be right in the middle of it!!! And Pappy loved every minute of it!!! I enjoy seeing my boys' faces light up with all the excitement of the "big machines"!!!