Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Working at the Lake & Tearing out the old deck

On the Monday before July 4th, Mom & Dad had their new pool installed at the lake house. It is very nice! The workers arrived at 6:15 am from the Dallas area and were leaving by 10:45 am. Dad said it would have taken him & Kenley 3 weeks and would probably have ruined a brand new pool. He said the installation fee was money well spent! I agree! That afternoon, Dad started ripping out the old deck. Cooper decided he was Pappy's #1 helper! By July 3rd, the new deck was up and ready for use. Just in time for our 4th of July Party!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!

Thanks Mom & Dad, Kenley, John, Jeff, Cooper & Luke for all of your hard work!!! Everyone appreciates it and we are having a BLAST in the new pool!!!!

Cooper's 4th Birthday Party at Jump for Joy

For the last 3 years we have had Cooper's party at Jump for Joy. Everyone absolutely loves it! We had another great time this year. Cooper had requested a green cake with a fire truck....David Molina did a great job as usual. The most eventful thing was the gift my brother Jeff gave him.....2 frogs, a frog house & a bag of crickets! I was NOT happy about it....I didn't know about it till he opened them. I soon decided to laugh about it as being mad was not doing any good! It gets better though, the next week I have to go buy more crickets to feed the stinking things, plus a cricket house to keep them alive (who would of thought you had to feed/water the crickets). The lady at the pet store could quickly tell I was not to excited about the whole situation. She asked what kind of frogs they were?.......Guess what.....they are poisonous. YES, we are still laughing......the boys think it is the neatest thing ever when Daddy feeds them....Mommy thinks its NASTY!

I'm trying to convince the boys to turn them loose in one of Pappy's tanks but so far not working.

Fillin' Daddy's Boots

"When I grow up, I wanta' be just like Daddy"

I caught Luke putting on Kenley's work boots and trying to walk around in the kitchen in them. He managed to make it across the room....don't know how because those boots are HEAVY.

Capturing Marlee's First Smiles

These weren't Marlee's absolute first smiles, but the first I caught on camera.
Her smile just lights up the room! And when we talk to her, she smiles at us and is starting to "talk" back to us and laugh. So sweet!

The Boys

The boys decided to have a wrestling match with Pappy. (The pictures are out of order.) As you can tell Cooper & Luke had Pappy good. He even lost his cell phone in the process. All three of them were giggling so much. After Luke saw the phone, he decided to make a few calls (top picture). They love Pappy to pieces!

This was one of Big John's many stops by the house. He comes to see the kids several times a day & they LOVE it!!! Here I am sure they are watching "Big Machines" or "John Deere" or something of that sort. John is such a great uncle. I have no problem leaving the boys with him. He absolutely adores the kids and vice versa!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009, was Cooper's 4th Birthday! I can't believe my baby is growing soooo fast! This one was kind of hard for Mommy to swallow. I kept catching myself tear up at everything. Seems just like yesterday that he came into this world and now 4 years have flown by. It is so true, "Don't Blink" because time is gone before you know it!

On his actual birthday, I gave him one of his presents early that day.... a Slip-n-Slide. Luke & him played outside all afternoon on the slip n slide and pool. Then they decided it would be fun to play trucks in the mud in their wet bathing suits. What a mess...but I didn't mind. It was fun to watch them be little boys!

I cooked him a birthday meal. He picked out what he wanted.... Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Squash Casserole, Fresh Okra, and Rolls. I also made him a 3 Layered Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles. Kenley picked up some Vanilla Ice Cream and Gigi & Pappy brought some Ice Cream Cupcakes from Maggie Moo's. We just had a simple little get together that night with our family, Gigi & Pappy, Big John & GranJan & Pepa. It was a fun night and he loved his gifts. Even Luke got a gift from Gigi & Pappy. (They have learned if you get one a "truck" toy, you better get the other one one too!)

Happy Birthday Little Man....We love you more than you will ever know!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Palmer Family Reunion

We had our annual Palmer Family Reunion this year at Mark & Missy Murphey's home on Lake Nocona, June 19-21. We had a fun time but it was HOT!!!!!!! Kenley, me, Cooper, Luke & Marlee stayed in a travel trailer with Mom & Dad & Jodi & Michael. Boy, was that cozy! And to top it off, Saturday night/Sunday morning our ONE working A/C on the trailer froze up - which means NO cool air. At 6 a.m. I woke everyone up and started packing before it got to miserably hot in their. It was good to see family that we hardly ever see and catch up with them!

This was also Father's Day. I didn't get any photos on Sunday due to the A/C problem, camera got packed up early. Just want to say I am very fortunate and lucky to have such a wonderful Dad and husband. They are both perfect examples of a loving Father. I am very proud of my Dad for all that he has accomplished and what kind of Dad and Pappy he is! He is wonderful & we love him forever & always! I am also very proud of Kenley for all that he does for his family. I am honored to call him my friend, my love, my husband. I couldn't ask for a better Father for my children! I'm not sure words can express just how much we love him! And to a great Father in Law- Andy, Your family loves you very much!

Happy Father's Day

Luke & Marlee

Luke being silly with a teething pacifier.
Marlee in her "Daddy's Little Sparkler" outfit.

Itsy Bitsy Bikini

Marlee received this adorable little bikini with matching flip flops from some friends. I couldn't resist taking a picture of her in it. Her little rolls are to cute in this bathing suit. I'm not sure she would be able to get it on too many more times as she is growing so fast!

Splish Splash...Bath Time

Marlee loves her bath.
Here she is wrapped up in her flower towel.
She looks absolutely adorable, if I say so myself!

Mommy's Little Angels

Marlee, Cooper & Luke
The boys love to hold Marlee & kiss on her. It is the most adorable thing!
Big Brother Cooper & Little Sister Marlee

Big Brother Luke kissing & holding Little Sister Marlee

Random Pictures from when Marlee was born.

Luke, Michael & Cooper
I think the boys talked Michael into watching John Deere with them. I'm sure he was excited!!
He is sooooo good with the boys!

Here they are playing some of Michael's computer games.....flying planes & helicopters.
The boys loved it!

Random Pictures from when Marlee was born.

Michael & Marlee
Michael & Marlee

Michael, Jodi, Marlee & Mommy

Marlee & Mommy

Pappy & Luke out for a walk at the hotel.

Random Pictures from when Marlee was born.

Kenley at the hotel across the street from the hospital, resting and waiting on the BIG arrival of Baby Lane!
At the hotel, Luke being a little ham for the camera. It's a wonder Jodi got any sleep.

My sweet little Luke!

Michael & Jodi as they head for the hospital from Olney.

Cooper, Luke & Gigi on their way to the hospital.

Mommy & Marlee

My Mom captured this picture. I just love it!
Being a Mommy is the best job I have ever had.

Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake

We spent Memorial Day weekend at my parent's lake house on Lake Graham with Mom, Dad & John. Kenley was fortunate enough not to have to work on Friday, Saturday or Monday, so we had a long four day weekend. It was great and the kids loved having Daddy to play with non stop!

Kenley, John, Cooper & Luke rode the wave runners some that weekend. They all had a blast!!!
All the boys -big & small- had demolition on the old swimming pool. Mom & Dad decided to get a new pool and a better one. The previous owners had not put the pool up right and it just was not good. So this weekend, the old one came down. Luke found the ultimate sandbox.....under where the old pool sat was the perfect, LARGE sand area for the boys.
The guys did lots of fishing over the weekend too. Kenley lost so many lures, we stopped counting. Couldn't help but give him a hard time over it!!! I captured a picture of him caring Cooper's kiddie fishing pole, because Cooper decided he needed a big boy fishing pole. Cooper & Pappy sat on the dock just fishing a way in the fishing hole in the middle of the dock. John & Kenley soon joined them. I found out later that Cooper backed up and fell right in the lake through the fishing hole in the dock. Didn't hurt him, just scared him! Luckily he knows that in order to be on the dock - he has to wear his lifejacket! Kenley quickly lifted him up and out of the water and calmed him down.
This was Marlee's first stay away from the house. She seemed to love the lake....just can't tell by the picture of her by herself. She was hungry and Mommy insisted on a picture.
All in all, we had a great weekend spending time together! We love being at the lake....if we could we would live down there all year round.

Random Pictures

Daddy & Marlee sleeping on the couch.

Aunt Jodi getting in some "Marlee Time"
Michael, Jodi, Luke & Cooper jumping and playing dodge ball on the trampoline!

"Big John" loving on Miss Marlee.

Luke taking care of Marlee

Anytime Marlee is in reach, Luke will find a way to get to her. I had her in the bouncy seat on the boys little table in the kitchen. I soon heard the chair scooting and found Luke climbing up to check on her. He loves her so much!

Marlee's Birth Announcement